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Artist Julie Bradshaw Drury

All About Me

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I am an artist who likes to work in mixed media which allows me the freedom of combining many textures and materials to illustrate my art. With 40years experience in the many genres of art, including Mural Painting, with one of my biggest passions is creating Installation Art.

Living by the sea stimulates my art and my love of nature, natural objects reclaimed from the sea, Flotsam and jetsam, once lost but found are re born creating new sculptures of natural beauty, a collaboration of creative art, nature and hidden vision in the sub conscious mind along with the mixing together and experimenting with mixed media.

I live for my art using colour and texture to portray nature's gift of beauty in landscape and life, My work is a response to both observation and imagination incorporating my love of nature , poems and prose, these often influence my work both consciously and subconsciously, responding to moments in time and constantly work at trying to achieve the essence of this in my work.

In 2013 I was artist in residence at the Fusiliers Museum in the Tower of London and at the end of my residency I exhibited an Installation in the Tower, attended by over 15,000 visitors in two days.

I exhibit regularly and I have work in many countries all over the world. I take commissions for Artwork and Murals

In 2015 I exhibited at the Seeart Fair in Tunbridge Wells where I was nominated as an Outstanding Artist and I also was selected and participated in the Bristol Up fest International street art event, my work was showcased by the Telegraph.

From a very young age i have always been passionate about my art I live and breathe with my constant companion that has always shared my visions, allowing me to create art for others to enjoy.